Outside Caterer Guidelines

The Event Center provides:

A full prep kitchen (three sinks, fridge, freezer, warmer) trash cans, designated prep kitchen, office, wireless internet, and four 8 foot rectangular tables.

The Event Center does not have a stove or oven available.

Catering company staff must remain on site until all bussing, service and cleaning is complete.

Outside caterers are responsible for the following in order to avoid the forfeiture of the client’s deposit:

- Provide sufficient professional service staff given the guest count. 1 staff person per 40 guests for buffet service is the industry standard. 1 staff person per 20 guests for table service is the industry standard.

- Provide proof of insurance coverage of $1 million listing Victoria Development and Hampton Inn & Suites.

- Provide proof of the business license.

- Provide all china, silverware, glassware, serving equipment.

- Set up and serve all food and beverages.

- Caterer may not provide or serve any alcoholic drinks.

- Bus & keep tables clean of trash and dirty dishes. Glassware from the Event Center bar service must be bussed back to the bar area.

- During the entire event caterers must: bus all tables and scrape plates into trash cans.

- Dump all liquids into sinks and scrape and place dishes into rental containers. Place glasses in rental containers after use.

- Cut and serve cake or other dessert.

- Cork sparkling cider and serve non-alcoholic beverages to guests.

- Dump all trash cans throughout the event in correct dumpster. If unsure, ask security guard or hotel staff where to dump trash.

- Leave the catering and event area and sinks clean.

- Sufficient catering staff must stay entire duration of event or client will be charged.